10 Surprising facts about dolphins


Nearly 40 species of dolphins swim in the waters of the world. Most dolphins live in salt water; However, some species develop in fresh water. Indeed, most of these creatures live in the shallow waters of the tropical oceans, while 5 species live in rivers



The dolphin is the only mammal which, at the moment of its birth, exits by the tail and not by the head.

The dolphin does not have the sense of smell. However, like humans, it can feel sugary tastes, acids, salty, bitter, etc.

Like the cow, the dolphin has two stomachs: one serves to preserve the food, and the other serves to digest it.

The dorsal fin of each dolphin is unique and can be used to identify them

It is able to swim 3 times faster than the fastest humans in the world.

When the dolphin falls asleep, half of his brain remains awake in order to watch for possible predators. This system also allows them to continue breathing throughout their sleep. To the extent that breathing is not a natural reflex in them, they may die under anesthesia.

Dolphins use echolocation to navigate and find food. It is a natural radar system.

Dolphins are able to kill sharks by stabbing them with their beaks.

The dolphin is part of the family of whales, and is linked to orcs and pilot whales. Orcs (or killer whales) are indeed a species of dolphin

The average life span of a dolphin is 17 years. However, some of them are able to live up to 50 years


Best tourist attraction in Mauritius swim with dolphins

Mauritius, a small island lost in Mauritius the immensity of the Indian Ocean, will fulfill the desires of any traveler visiting the island. With its clear, warm and turquoise waters, the island remains a small piece of paradise to consume without moderation. Its endless white sandy beaches, shaded by coconut trees, make Mauritius an ideal destination for a tropical holiday.


On most beaches, you are sure to find hotels and most of the beaches in Mauritius are public and, ideal for coastal walks. What makes the island’s lagoon unique is the diversity of underwater life activities it offers.

You will have the opportunity to meet marine mammals such as the dolphin, the whale and even the sperm whale. Dolphins: Everyone dreams of seeing one, while having the chance to swim by their side. In Mauritius, you will find them off the west coast. Several operators offers to discover those beautiful mammals


The West Coast is indeed the best place to meet dolphins in Mauritius. These superb marine mammals love to warm up in the lagoons of the island. Dolphins encounter offers to take advantage of this kind of unusual sea excursions in their company and to meet the dolphins in their natural environment. Seeing dolphins in their environment makes each day different, and it is the dolphin who leads the dance. You may be lucky to see them playing, jumping, mating and seeing mothers breastfeed their baby. Hearing their singing and seeing them dancing under water can only fill you with emotion.


Dolphins are certainly the most fantastic creatures that live in the ocean. They are synonymous with intelligence and grace. They live in groups of 20 or more dolphins and you can see them on their way to the open sea off the coast of the Morne Peninsula.

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