Swimming with dolphins in the wild in Mauritius Island on the west coast

In order to achieve this output in the best conditions, we have contacted the tourist office for a recommendation and guidelines about the activity. Indeed, a charter has been established so that a code of conduct is respected by the companies offering the excursions.

Code of conduct

(a) The dolphin approach to the site should always be done in parallel with the dolphin group and the approach speed should be reduced.

(b) While observing dolphins, engines must be stalled.

(c) It is strictly forbidden to approach dolphins within 50 meters

(d) It is strictly forbidden to obstruct the course of dolphins when arriving in front of them or behind.

(e) It is strictly forbidden to make noise with the intention of attracting or feeding dolphins or throwing other objects at them.

(f) It is strictly forbidden to try to hang on to dolphins to swim

Swimming with the dolphins


On the boat, explanations are provided for swimming with dolphins. After a while to sail, we ended up finding the dolphins. We are getting ready with our masks, snorkels and fins to be ready. As we were told, do not jump from the boat but calm down with the ladder and especially go when the skipper tells us.

And there, wonder! The head under the water, we see a whole school of dolphins passing by. Some are really not far from us. We can even see a baby dolphin.


When the dolphins are no longer visible, we go back on the boat and wait for our turn to go in the water again. Because yes, we are not the only ones on the spot. There are some boats and all respect a kind of turnover. This avoids that there are too many people in the water and that it is embarrassing for the dolphins.

We were able to swim with the dolphins several times before returning to the boat harbor.


Where to swim with dolphins in total freedom in Mauritius?

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Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience, a dream for many since the youngest age. It is an unusual encounter with a fascinating, sociable and extremely intelligent marine mammal. To appreciate each second and especially respect marine species, we must opt ​​for a meeting in the wild: in the open sea!

By getting closer to professional teams made up of biologists and skippers, you will be able to easily spot dolphin beds and get in the water with them to observe them in snorkeling. You will have to be careful not to end up in dolphins where dolphins are in captivity, and privilege ecotourist outings, concerned about the environment and the welfare of cetaceans.

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Here are some ideas of places in the world where you can swim with free dolphins and sometimes other socially friendly marine animals!

Head to Tamarin, in the west of the country, for a sea trip during which you will dive into the waters of the Indian Ocean, to discover wild dolphins. A guide and a skipper will accompany you off, in a boat that favors quality and non-mass tourist excursions.


You will be a maximum of ten to participate in this wonderful experience and as soon as the crew thinks it will be the right time, you can get started with the dolphins. If you go on a whole day, you will then anchor on the island of Benitiers to restore you and enjoy a privileged corner of nature.

Best tourist attraction in Mauritius swim with dolphins

Mauritius, a small island lost in Mauritius the immensity of the Indian Ocean, will fulfill the desires of any traveler visiting the island. With its clear, warm and turquoise waters, the island remains a small piece of paradise to consume without moderation. Its endless white sandy beaches, shaded by coconut trees, make Mauritius an ideal destination for a tropical holiday.


On most beaches, you are sure to find hotels and most of the beaches in Mauritius are public and, ideal for coastal walks. What makes the island’s lagoon unique is the diversity of underwater life activities it offers.

You will have the opportunity to meet marine mammals such as the dolphin, the whale and even the sperm whale. Dolphins: Everyone dreams of seeing one, while having the chance to swim by their side. In Mauritius, you will find them off the west coast. Several operators offers to discover those beautiful mammals


The West Coast is indeed the best place to meet dolphins in Mauritius. These superb marine mammals love to warm up in the lagoons of the island. Dolphins encounter offers to take advantage of this kind of unusual sea excursions in their company and to meet the dolphins in their natural environment. Seeing dolphins in their environment makes each day different, and it is the dolphin who leads the dance. You may be lucky to see them playing, jumping, mating and seeing mothers breastfeed their baby. Hearing their singing and seeing them dancing under water can only fill you with emotion.


Dolphins are certainly the most fantastic creatures that live in the ocean. They are synonymous with intelligence and grace. They live in groups of 20 or more dolphins and you can see them on their way to the open sea off the coast of the Morne Peninsula.

Dolphins Encounter 



Discover the best attraction in Mauritius swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius is one of the favorite excursions of travelers. If it is often an old dream, adult and children are pleased to realize it in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Departure for one of the most popular excursions in Mauritius: swimming with dolphins!


The practical excursion

Several different companies offer travelers to swim with dolphins in Mauritius for an average of 30 € per person. Among these companies, dolphins encounter offers different packages at sea allowing children and adults to realize their dream by swimming with the dolphins.

The embarkation takes place early in the morning, around 8 am, to make the most of the calm and serenity of the place. Only once on board the guide accompanies a complete presentation on the types of dolphins encountered and how to approach them without disturbing them.



Fifteen to thirty minutes after leaving the shore, the boat cuts off the engines and the passengers wear masks, snorkels and fins lent by the company. We then jump into a crystal-clear water, in search of the famous dolphins who are always here to go and move in groups that can range from 20 to 100 individuals!

The dolphins encountered

Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius allows to meet the two-species encountered in the region: The long beak dolphin: it lives in large groups of 20 to 100 individuals and can only be seen in the morning, when playing or resting. In the afternoon, he goes hunting on the high seas for food. The dolphin “blower”: it is the best known of the types of dolphins, and the least fierce with respect to the man. He lives in a small group and allows himself to be easily approached.


Combined excursions

Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius can be combined with other excursions such as visiting the island of Benitiers. It is possible to organize his stroll with the dolphins in Mauritius then to leave to go to sea to the islands in the surroundings.

Travelers have the opportunity to picnic on the island with giant clams in an exotic and paradise setting. As a couple or family, swimming with dolphins in Mauritius makes it possible to realize a child’s dream while creating memories that will forever be engraved in memories. An experience as exceptional as unforgettable …

Dolphins encounter Mauritius