Swim with dolphins in Mauritius island

Mauritius Island is a little gem of greenery and sandy beaches in the heart of the Indian Ocean.


There is an increasing number of tourists from all over the world, as well as an indigenous population of diverse origins, where Indian, Chinese, Creole and Franco-Mauritians live harmoniously together.

The landscape is astounding: dark and volcanic mountains, infinite sugar cane fields, deep forests populated by macaques and untold trees with magnificent flowers, seabed adorned with corals and people of fish with a thousand colors, while Not far from the coasts, dolphins, whales, sperm whales and pilot whales, these Great Peoples of the Ocean, lived happily in peace

Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius is one of the favorite excursions of travelers. If it is often an old dream, big and small are pleased to realize it in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Departure for one of the most popular excursions in Mauritius: swimming with dolphins


The practical information about the excursion

Several different companies offer travelers to swim with dolphins in Mauritius. Among these companies, Dolphin Encounter offers 3 packages; The full day boat trip with lunch, the half day boat trip with lunch or the dream escapes sunset cruise. Its excursion gives the opportunity for young and old to realize their dream by swimming alongside with the dolphins in their natural habitat.

The embarkation takes place early in the morning, around 7:30 am, to make the most of the calm and serenity of the place. Only once on board the guide accompanies a complete presentation on the types of dolphins encountered and how to approach them without disturbing them.

Fifteen to thirty minutes after leaving the shore, the boat cuts off the engines and the passengers wear masks, snorkels and fins lent by the company. We then jump into a crystal-clear water, in search of the famous dolphins that are always here and go in groups of 20 to 100 individuals!


The dolphins encountered

Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius allows to meet the two-species encountered in the region: The dolphin ” long beaked “: it lives in large groups of 20 or more and can be seen only in the morning, when ‘It plays or rests. In the afternoon, he goes hunting on the high seas for food. The dolphin “blower”: it is the best known of the types of dolphins, and the least fierce with respect to the man. they live in a small group and allows themselves to be approached easily by humans.


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